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Key Questions and Comments 
Think about how this strategy can help all levels of learners in your class.  

Notice all of the different methods that the teacher provides the students.  Consider how this will help students when they work independently.

What might you do if a student still had difficulty understanding this word problem?  

The teacher discusses how this method allows the student to go deeper.  Think about a skill you teach in your classroom that may need additional support levels for students.  

Description of Video

Discover how Carla Yowell uses RDWA (Read, Draw, Write, Answer) to help students break down and attack word problems.


0:11 Description of RDWA Model
0:51 - Read and Underline
2:03 - Turn and Talk
2:30 - Draw a model
4:15 - Write a Number Sentence
6:05 - Answer With a Complete Sentence
6:32 - Teacher discussion of scaffolding


RDWA (Read, Draw, Write, Answer)
Tape Diagrams
Whole Group Math Instruction

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