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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice the multiple ways that the students were exposed to the new vocabulary within one class period.

Notice the seamless delivery of the lesson due to strategic planning.

Consider how you might incorporate similar activities into your classroom.

The students are engaged with the learning targets.  Think about how these different activities keep the students engaged while mastering the material. 

Description of Video

Discover how Christine Morphette uses various strategies to engage student in the learning of new vocabulary.


0:27 - Lesson Background
0:40 - Visual Clues to Understand Language
1:15 - Writing for Language Comparison
1:55 - Independent Listening Game -  Word Recognition
3:11 - Cooperative Reading Game - Higher Level Thinking
3:55 - Value of games with learning vocabulary
4:17 - Next Steps


Foreign Language
Vocabulary Games
Targeted Instruction

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