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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how the use of Google Docs supports the teacher in efficiently embedding the 4 C’s (collaborate, create, communicate, and critical thinking) of 21st Century Learning in the lesson.

How does the use of Google Docs increase efficiency to maximize student learning and student engagement?

What tools in Google Docs does the teacher use to hold students accountable in a collaborative setting?

How is the teacher able to assess students in a collaborative setting?

​How might you incorporate this type of activity into your own classroom?


Description of Video

Watch how Shelley Richards uses Google Docs to apply the 4 C’s of 21st Century Learning to an original writing project in her classroom.


0:12 Background of lesson
0:39 Teacher explanation to students
1:15 Benefits of using Google Docs
2:30 Description of how Google Docs supports collaboration and communication
​3:38 Description of how Google Docs supports creativity and critical thinking


21st Century Skills
Critical Thinking

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