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Key Questions and Comments 
The teacher connected this lesson with an engaging story about Peterson Air Force Base.  Notice how engaged the students are as they work through this exercise.

Mrs. Rimbach mentions that this learning strategy has led to an increase in student test scores as well as fewer behavior problems.  Think about how this type of activity provides a release to students from the more typical seven hour school day.

This type of teaching and learning takes extra time to plan out.  But consider how this extra time brings great benefits to the students and their learning.  

This lesson could be completed indoors.  Look at the student engagement that is occurring in this video just because students are allowed the ability to run around and be outside.  Consider an upcoming lesson that you might be able to incorporate movement into.  

The teacher completes these types of lessons on a regular basis.  For her students, this is not a special occurrence but rather part of their normal routine.  

Description of Video

Watch fifth grade teacher, Bianca Rimbach, lead her class through a math lesson that involved kinetic learning.  


0:02 Description of kinetic learning
0:27 Lesson introduction to students
2:06 Discussion of the science behind kinetic learning
2:28 Benefits of kinetic learning


Kinetic Learning

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