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Key Questions and Comments 
Notice how Ms. Ernst models an example of the activity including student responses.

What are the benefits of the brain based vocabulary strategy that Ms. Ernst modeled?

How could you use word webs in different academic areas?  

​Ms. Ernst discusses using as many strategies as possible within each lesson.  Consider how this helps to reach the different learning styles of her students.  

Description of Video

An overview from Ginger Ernst using Brain Based Vocabulary strategies to engage students and to improve vocabulary concepts with her ELL students.   


0:25 Brain based learning approach
0:45  Learning objectives: know the definition of the word, demonstrate with body language, spell the word correctly
1:39  Visual connection to vocabulary words, list of brain based strategies
2:14, 2:45 Example of word webs
3:49  Word web with vocabulary word and synonyms
4:51 Benefit of brain based vocabulary 


Brain Based Vocabulary
Visual connection
Word webs

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